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Welcome to my  Playing Card Collection. I started collecting in 2012 and so far I've been following my impulses and collecting the cards that interest me either graphically or historically or both. 


Browse my collection by countries or by the list of the individual decks. Or click on the sample images below.
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Jeu de L'An 2,  c. 1794. Reproduction by Grimaud 

Sainte-Suzanne: Reproduction of a c.1793 original by Provot, Sainte-Suzanne. By  J.C. Flornoy, Editions "letarot.com", 2009

Carte Toscane: Transformation cards designed by Adolfo Matarelli c.1850.  Limited edition reprint by IL Meneghello,  Milano,  Italy in 1996.

a  selection...click on the cards for link to page.

Japanese KABU style cards in the Daini pattern, by Nintendo #82

"Polish" style cards originally printed in Russia by the Imperial Playing Card Company, Leningrad, in 1881

January 2015

Royal Optik by UUSI

A limited edition reproduction of an original woodblock design was issued on the 150 years anniversary  of the company A G Muller in 1978. German / Swiss pattern. 


Florentine pattern by Dal Negro, Italy

Derzhava: Russian Imperial historical #98.

TATU from Uruguay

Kabufuda, Japan

Piacentine pattern, by Vindobona,  Italy

Russian No 9810 # made in Ukraine #23

Jasskarten 'Fortuna', Switzerland

Spanish Pattern from Morroco / Casablanca

Los Dos Torres, Spanish pattern, Mexico

Florentine pattern by Dal Negro, Italy

December/ January 2013

From Barcelona, Spain

Advertising decks from Europe

Vlasta legendary Bohemian woman warrior|War of the Maidens|

Vlasta, legendary Bohemian woman warrior.

Bezique: Paris Pattern: 1853 Gatteaux 1890 tax stamp

Transformation deck.  Design : Countess von Jenison-Walworth published by  J. C. Cotta , Türbingen, Germany

Sutherland Brown: Sans Peur:  semi-transformation deck c. 1977

Sheba cards from the USA. Brent Bailer illustrations, 1972.

in progess

Cartes Espagnoles: La Ducale. Made in France

Above: Polish SKAT deck designed by Franciszek Bunsch

in 1963

CEKI from Indonesia

Ancient Trademark, China.


Above: The four Kings from a variant of the Dondorf Rhineland Pattern. Printed in the Netherlands. Below Left: The Queen of Clubs from the same deck.

Right: Preussisches Doppelbild​

A German Skat deck. Altenburger Nr. 620

Left: Queen of Clubs in the Rhineland pattern varient from the Netherlands.

Sarde playing card deck from Southern Italy

Southern Italian regional deck used in Sardinia.

Clowns by Ross Schmidt, Western Australia 

Romagnole deck, another regional Italian design.

La Chasse by Fournier, Spain

Pai Thai from Thailand

"Aluette" 1890 tax stamp. A French card game dating from before the 15th century.

"Aluette". A post 1969 deck.

Piacentine mimiature deck, a regional Italian design from Piacenza in Northern Italy.

Above: A German Skat deck with French type suits.

Above: Jokers from an English  Lord's Cricket Ground deck.

Old Photos from the Imperial Palace, China

Gig Posters No. 1:  custom made cards

Vanenglen/Zaden, Netherlands, playing cards

Advertising deck from the Netherlands for English Ryegrass

Baraja Goyesca, Spain

Spanish deck from Andalusia, Spain produced by the Fundacion Ibn Tufayl de EstudesArabes

White Knuckle playing cards, Brett A. Jones.

White Knuckle playing cards designed by Brett A. Jones from Queensland, Australia

Ukiyo-e by Pitanik,  Austria

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